Terms and Conditions (as at 6th April 2014)

1.       Unless stated otherwise my quotes include:
My costs of getting to and from the start and end locations.
My living costs whilst on the boat.

2.       Unless stated otherwise my quotes exclude:
Cost of fuel, e.g. petrol, diesel and gas, bought during the move.
Cost of repairs to the boat.

Boat licences including any temporary licence that is required during the move.
Extra time taken for the move as a result of problems with the boat.

3.       You must ensure that your boat is licensed and has comprehensive insurance cover that is valid for the duration of the move.

4.       If the move is affected by waterway stoppages or conditions that I believe make it unsafe to proceed, I will advise you. If the move is completed later, I will make no additional charge other than additional travelling expenses. If the move is abandoned, my charge will be adjusted to reflect the reduced length of the move.

5.       Damage to paintwork caused by contact with waterway structures or otherwise is deemed to be wear and tear and is at your (or your insurer’s) risk.

6.       Payment is due on completion of the move, either in cash or by bank transfer.

7.       When you authorise me to move your boat after receiving a copy of these terms, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.