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Experienced narrow boat crew can deliver your boat anywhere on the connected English canal / river system. 

All our boat deliveries are done in the water - we do not transport boats overland.

If you have just bought a boat and don't have time to move it to where you need it, we can help.  If you don't have time to do the whole trip yourself, but would like to gain some experience, you could spend a day with us.  We do not offer formal training, but can provide friendly advice.

If you want to holiday in a new area, away from your usual base, or if you want to do a one-way trip, we can help.  If you can book this well in advance, we can keep the dates clear for you and possibly offer a special rate.

If you are re-locating your shared ownership boat, but none of the owners care to move the boat out of season, we can help.

We also offer reduced rates for registered charities.

We can also assist with arranging temporary moorings at your destination if required.

Simply email enquiries@boatmoving.org.uk for a quote.

RYA certified helmsman for Inland Waters.

Insured skipper.


We are changing our web host, and our website is likely to go offline during the changeover in June 2015.


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